HSE Intensify

HSE Intensify

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♦ Restore shine & softness to dry, brittle hair
♦ Intensely hydrates coarse equine hair
♦ Reduce frizz & static
♦ Makes hair less prone to breakage
♦ Vitamins, keratin & proteins build tensile strength
♦ Increases body and volume
♦ No build-up
♦ Silicone & Mineral Oil free
♦ Paraben & sulfate free

HSE Intensify Hair Treatment Mask is a weekly treatment for dry, coarse & damaged hair. Intensify is a salon quality treatment mask specifically designed for equine hair that can be used weekly on even the roughest manes & tails.

It combines protective & nourishing ingredients that are proven to restore moisture, strengthen & rebuild the hair shaft and protect hair from the elements.  Intensify contains Vitamins, Keratin, Panthenol, Castor, essential minerals, Proteins & Amino Acids, Shea & Jojoba Butters.  Unlike many equine conditioners, Intensify is not loaded with silicone additives to provide a slick feel, rather, it feeds the hair by deeply penetrating the cortex while smoothing and sealing in moisture with natural ingredients making hair stronger, improving elasticity, increasing body & fullness, and more resistant to mechanical (eg; brushing) breakage and environmental damage.

Intensify leaves hair smooth, soft and healthy with natural glossy shine.  Ideal for keeping false tails in tip top condition.  Intensify is also a favourite with horse owners that have curly, colour treated, damaged & porous hair.

Intensify Blonde contains a built in toner for grey/blonde hair to help eliminate yellowing & brassiness.

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